5-Stage Hydraulic Cylinders

An important part of HSI Corporation's extensive list of custom capabilities is 5-Stage telescopic hydraulic cylinders. Many applications have needs for exceptionally long strokes coming from shorter, more compact units. Other applications require unique mounting to achieve their required stroke. HSI has over 40 years of experience meeting customers’ requirements by manufacturing these type cylinders for these type needs.


  • Custom sizes up to and above 24" bore
  • Stroke lengths 40' and longer
  • Designs up to 5000 psi working pressure
  • Total weights of telescopic cylinders can often reach nearly 25,000 pounds
  • Double and single acting
  • High yield carbon or alloy steel outer tubes and stages
  • .001" minimum chrome plated stages
  • Ductile Iron or forged steel glands
  • Mounting alternatives include trunnion mount, clevis, pineyes, or lugs with spherical bearings
  • Custom options for ports and integrated valves
  • Diverse preferences for seals due to temperature or heavy duty usage
  • Extensive pressure testing
  • Finished cylinder is sandblasted and painted to customer specifications
  • Hydrostatic testing data packets and material test reports available
  • Seal kits available for quick shipment 
  • Short manufacturing lead times

HSI has built multi-stage cylinders for rig raising, mast raising, and floor raising applications, to ASME, ABS, and API specifications. We have the knowledge & experience required to manufacture these complex large bore telescopic cylinders.

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