Cylinder Repair Services

HSI's experienced team and impressive facilities are well-positioned to handle large bore hydraulic cylinder repair services. Our engineering team can disassemble heavy parts in need of repair and give a full report diagnosing the problem and what needs to be done to correct it. We use our knowledge and experience in manufacturing large hydraulic cylinders to take your cylinder and re-manufacture it back to working condition. We are the only authorized facility to repair HSI cylinders, and we are also able to repair cylinders from other manufacturers.

  • Complete disassembly and inspection report including pictures
  • Bore sizes up to 36"
  • Stroke lengths up to 40'
  • Re-hone tubes up to 18" bore at facility
  • Standard, welded, or mill type
  • Chrome rod reconditioning
  • Complete seal retrofitting or redesign
  • Total parts cleaning
  • Reassembly and pressure testing 
  • Finished cylinder is sandblasted and painted to customer specifications
  • All cylinder repair and reassembly takes place at our facility in Bay Springs, Mississippi

HSI has repaired cylinders for 40 years for about every application/ We have the knowledge & experience required to re-manufacture heavy duty hydraulic cylinders.

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